• Where do you normally shoot your weddings?

I primarily shoot in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. However, if given the opportunity to travel for your wedding, we can definitely make that trip and make your memories more magical. 

  • Do you have assistants for your weddings?

I have a list of three photographers that I use on a regular basis. each photographer is well respected in the industry. We have similar styles, but are also not afraid to think outside of the box.

  • Who edit's the photos you take?

Me. I go through all of the photos when editing. It's something that I feel I have complete control over. 

  • What is your photography style?

I feel my style is traditional photojournalistic. Posed photos need to be taken, but I love capturing the candid moments during your day as  well. Add in a lot of creativity and we have a story to tell. 

  • How many photos do we get with our wedding?

I normally give the minimum of 400 photos per wedding depending on the collection. For collections over 7 hours expect to receive a minimum of 550. 

  • How does the album photo selection work?

When you receive your USB Drive, you will also receive an order form for your album. Depending on the collection, and how many photos come in an album, you will then send back the number designated on the USB Drive and I will then put together the album for you, send an online draft back to you for your approval. If you do not create an album within a year of your wedding, the cost of the album will increase due to production costs. Once approved, the album should be received in 2-3 weeks. 

  • We want to have engagement photos taken, is that possible?

Yes it is! I offer engagement photos for the Album and Photo Book collection, and a $300 add on for the Classic and Digital Collections. 

  • Our event hall requires all vendors to have insurance. Do you have it?

Indeed I do! And I hope I never need to use it. 

  • I want you to shoot our wedding, what's needed?

When we meet, and go over the contract, a non refundable 20% deposit is required to hold the date. Then there are two more non refundable payments that will be made. One on the date half way to your wedding, and the final 3 weeks before the wedding. 

  • Why are you so awesome? (Seriously, I got this question before!)

Why do you want a photographer who is just going to sit there and be mundane and not get what you want? I'm "awesome" because of personality. I feel that when I have a good time, my clients are more at ease when it comes to their wedding day. If you want a photographer who is just going to sit back, take photos, and not have a good time, then I am not your photographer. 

  • What's the craziest thing you've done on a wedding day?

True story... I was taking pictures during a reception, and accidentally bumped into the brides grandmother, and caught her so she didn't fall. But in the process, grabbed her hands really quick and then proceeded to slow dance with her to make it look like nothing happened. Needless to say, some people got a good laugh out of that.